Posted | August 14, 2009
Dungeon Dominatrix

Some women don't like to indulge their kinky side at all. Others like it a little, like being blindfolded or spanked. Then there are women like Stormy. "I have a very deep and distinct kinky side," she said. "I'm into a lot of things that most women would never think of doing, or even want to do. I love being tied up and paddled. Not spanked, but paddled. The harder the better, too. If a man isn't willing to explore his kinky side, then he should keep looking because kink is what I am all about."

Stormy's kinky side was born inside of her. "When I was younger, I would spank myself with a hairbrush while watching myself in a mirror," Stormy confessed. "When I was done, I would rub my hands over my ass and feel the warmth coming off of my reddened behind. It was such a turn-on for me and still is. Whenever I get a good spanking from a lover, I love feeling the sting on my ass for days on end."

We asked Stormy to tell us the kinkiest thing she's ever done, and she said. "I'm not going to admit that, at least not in a magazine. But I've been in this lifestyle for a long time and done many things your readers would love to hear about." Don't tease us! "Well, I'm thinking of becoming a professional dominatrix. I've worked with many knowledgeable masters and have learned a lot from them. So, if I follow this career path and open my own dungeon, your readers can always contact me and I'll be happy to tell them details about my kinkier exploits. Of course, it'll come at a price." How much? "Oh, it won't be for money. If they want to know about me, they'll have to lick my boots and worship me like a good and loyal slave should."

Dungeon Dominatrix